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Somewhere in Between speaks to the conflict we often have in following our dreams and responding to life’s pressures to fit in. We all strive to find that balance in our daily lives. When I first moved to Nashville I really tried to absorb everything around me and found myself overwhelmed and unable to disconnect. It wasn’t too long before I got back in touch with who I was to keep me grounded and help me navigate Music City,” Farabaugh says.

You can stream her single HERE!


The Story About Her New Single “Righteous Dollar Bill:” 

The first single of Olivia Farabaugh’s debut album, Transparent, is a JAM! It’s a perfect blend of country, rock, blues and soul, just like the entire album she recorded. When Farabaugh first moved to Nashville, her music started getting swayed in different directions. She began questioning the direction her music was being pushed towards. During the beginning of the creative process for the Transparent album, she discovered this bible verse, Mathew 16:26: “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” Farabaugh realized God didn’t put music in her heart, help lead her husband and herself to move to Nashville from Pennsylvania just for her to be something or someone she’s not. She believes He created her to be unique and to follow her intuition to create the sound that is truly “Olivia.” That night she wrote this new song. The man she refers to in this song was the devil trying to weasel his way into her life and her music career. Instead of listening to people trying to change her look and sound, she allowed God into her heart to lead her in her daily life and stay true to herself. This song was written by Farabaugh and co-produced by Mitch Dane in Nashville, TN at Sputnik Sound.

You can stream her single HERE!


The Story Behind “Body Will Break” 

“Body will Break has come from the trials I have experienced with my health since 2016. I was searching for answers for years and then finally in November of 2020 I was diagnosed with CIRS, also known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. For so long my mind and body were at war. My body was not able to keep up with what my mind knew I was capable of. I realized that I was spending much of my time resenting my body that was trying so hard for me. I knew that I needed to find peace if I wanted to move forward on this path that God has led me on.”


The Story Behind “My Way Back Home” 

“I’ve had this song in my back pocket for a while now. I wrote this song during the busiest time that I have ever experienced with my music before this pandemic hit. I was able to travel in my 17-foot travel trailer with my dog and occasionally my husband, playing shows across the middle and northern United States, and using my music to advocate for mental health. I grew up in the small town of Palmyra, Pennsylvania and like most teens, nobody wants to continue to live in their hometown once they are past a certain age. We are supposed to move on, move somewhere else. Which somewhere else is really just someone else’s hometown. I found myself falling into amazing opportunities to travel and LOVING it. I realized quickly the world is a large place and whenever it started to overwhelm me, I would imagine my hometown. Where simplicity was within the 2 miles in each direction of the main street stoplight. Where I could walk into the post office and see familiar faces and have all my family and friends looking back at me while I stood on stage”.

It’s a relatable lyrical story that will strike a chord for many, and Olivia has done a wonderful job of crafting those thoughts and feelings into a standout country song that is filled with modern production overlays and old-school simplistic vibes making it a truly fantastic release.

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